Aware WhatsApp Pink helpful 4r usage or not ?

WhatsApp Pink

WhatsApp Pink is most circulating news in all WhatsApp Messengers and groups recently, a link is continually passing to all the people who doesn’t have any proper information about it.

WhatsApp Pink is a link  format if you click on the link which contains a APK to be downloaded from the browser so that WhatsApp get updated and changes it color into pink & also can use latest features. But WhatsApp Pink link is a trap which contains a malware kind of virus has been developed by the hackers to steal the information in all kind of possible ways.

so, please be careful you are strictly not allow to click on unknown links to escape from the attack of the intelligent hackers, now a days hackers are using the latest kinds of tricks to take controls of the common people’s daily activities and monitoring them to get benefitted by them in many ways .


Way of hackers reach out to you

Hackers reach out to you in many ways to get in contact with you so, they can get what needed to them . Its has different ways hackers uses bet of ticks to makes your are interested in a features of the respective app and make you to get the latest version of apps in a unformatted ways so there’s  job can be done in very easy and safe way .

You don’t have any idea that a virus has been installed in your respective devices by clicking on the given fake links, you people also don’t aware of it and not even takes a look what was done and what it is for useful.

Hacker plays with the needs of the people and plays games according to common people , due to this people losses their data to the hackers , hackers takes only data from you but it contains all information of your personal information , bank details, chats, photos, call history, contacts etc.



Platform’s used by hackers

  • Normal messages to contacts
  • Pop up links in websites while browsing
  • Links by WhatsApp Messenger and group’s
  • Emails
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Steps to overcome against hackers

Secure  devices       Install Antivirus
Know what it is       Exactly  links  content in it
 Think first then share        It is useful or not

Aware of  WhatsApp pink links


WhatsApp Pink link

The pink link is not first link by the hackers ,it is one of among different kids of  malware virus links, at first all people thought that WhatsApp pink link is update released by WhatsApp official but latest founders of WhatsApp conformed that it is not an update form their end and explained it not even in their thoughts .

WhatsApp facing different types of attacks and hacks on its users. With the help of a WhatsApp pink link, hackers are trying to inject  virus into the users’ smartphones. The link claims to switch the WhatsApp icon colour from green to pink but it instead injects virus.

Cyber experts have warned users from falling into the prey of a WhatsApp pink virus link which claims to turn Whatsapp in pink colour and comes with new features.

Additional information of aware not to fall as prey to hackers

  1. Always updated in tech news
  2. First think then share
  3. Don’t trust anything blindly
  4. Safe browsing through internet
  5. Don’t click on unknown links
  6. First conform weather news is true or not
  7. Always follow official App updates

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