Clubhouse Voice App 2 Android

Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is a social media networking app based on audio-chat. Users can use it for conversations, interviews and topic discussions. It’s like a podcast live tuning and with added advantages. Clubhouse company describes it is a new type of  social voice product which allows the people to talk every where as according to there wishes, you can tell stories , develop ideas, conversation with friends of a important topics in a very easy way and meet interesting new people around the would to share ideas & get ideas of  your needs.

Clubhouse App

How to use Clubhouse?

Clubhouse app is safe for usage

Clubhouse app itself more secure for users can only listen to one room and log in on one device at a time. It also secures phone numbers before uploading them to server to look after 100% security of app which doesn’t collect more data among needed.

Also Clubhouse is very much popular among many people enjoys it. User are very much impressed for using the chatroom with VIPs, hearing important speech of their special person who they admire and engaging. On top clubhouse is a very natural app for conversations are less disorganized & more productive.

How to get Clubhouse app?

The person inviting you simply needs your phone number. You will get a link via text, telling you to visit join app and sign with that number. you no need to wait for long time for Clubhouse once you entered your number to sign in up then your are ready to wave for other and some one need to wait for more than a hour to sign in. Clubhouse is available in IOS and ANDROID

Clubhouse voice-based app

The San Francisco based  company has started rolling our a beta version of clubhouse audio chat app to android users. After exclusive serves to IOS more than a year now Clubhouse debuted to android app on google play store .

The move is to allow the android users to experience the most popular audio based social media networking , the beta app is now available in US company and android app will come to English markets  and then to rest of world.

The arrival of the most awaited Clubhouse on Android , also world most popular mobile operating system will help increase popularity of app.  Clubhouse has been tested on android app early year for users outside of US, they can pre register their interest in app site clubhouse page on play store . Once the app is available in your country, users will be notified.

The plan of company is to observe for next few weeks to collect feedback from other community , fix any issues and work on add few final features of payments and club creation before rolling out .

Clubhouse is currently valued at $4 billion. The  app was launched last year by two tech veterans Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. The invite only app allows users to find and listen to conversations between groups of people. The buzziest social media app has millions of followers, including famous celebrities an tech experts. The social audio app lets people gather in audio chat rooms to discuss various topics of all kinds like sports, tech & motivations etc. The rooms are divided in two groups for one who are talking and other who are listening.



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