Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

Now a days we have so many kinds of Cryptocurrency to invest but only some of the cryptos for all digital or any virtual currency. Most of them have block chain technology to enforced network of computers, Its has no connections to any government authorities to interference or any other actions will not be take.

Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) stands in first place

A cryptocurrency is present in digital forms based on network that has across a large no of computers devices, its decentralizations structure to allow in all outside range of control without government rules and others.

It is a blockchain of data organizations methods to transaction data in a very secure of components of among many crypto currencies, many experts said that blockchain will take over the technology that can effects industries and finances.

Also it faces many criticisms of a huge numbers of reasons that are illegal activities, exchange rates and other reasons. It reached to a high praised for their portability, divisibility and transparency.


It allow systems to make secure payments online in a virtual terms. The word Crypto has various encrypted algorithms and crypto graphic techniques to safe guard all entries of public private and other functions.

The Crypt0 currency are of many types in a block chain format to most popular and valuable, it has thousands of alternative crypto currencies contains various functions and specs, most of them are clones of bitcoin while others are from scratch.

Cryptocurrency Advantages & Disadvantages factors

It has a special factor of easy to transfer funds directly b/w two parties without any needs of other third party applications with are trusted for secured use of public and private keys.

In new modern Cryptocurrency systems users are allowed to have account address, public keys while private key is only for owner to sign up transactions of funds with minimum processing fees to avoid steep fees charged by any banks and other rules.

The Cryptocurrency transactions makes some of illegal activities likes money launder and tax evaluation, its often values high of their benefits of privacy to protection from repressive government and most Cryptocurrency are private secure.

The illegal online business is of a poor choice that forensic experts analysis block chain of bitcoin to help authorities arrest any criminals.


Overview of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a system which allows secure payments on online to virtual terms, any investor can get Cryptocurrency through crypto exchanges, it is expert in block chain technology that has serious potential uses like online voting, crowd funding, financial transaction of low costs while making a payment process.

Cryptocurrency makes money by allowing secure payments online in terms of virtual that are represented by internal system and investors make money by mining of bitcoin to even selling their bitcoins for profits.

Ethereum stands in second place

Ethereum is a open source of access to make digital money and friendly services data for every one that for no matters about your back ground or maps locations, it has a community built technology for creation of ether.

It is a best decentralized of open sources block chain with a smart contract detail functions. Ether is a native Cryptocurrency plat-form. After bitcoin ether is second largest in capitalization of market and it is most actively used block chains.

The Ethereum is used to utilization of bock chain technology decentralized payments network for storing computer codes that can be use to create power tamper proofs for decentralized financial contracts of applications.


Cryptocurrency Ethereum is very much important essential tool to developers and entrepreneurs. To create decentralized business, smart contracts are used for elimination of any other third party users or apps from various industries with lower costs and provides more secured services of protocols.

It is a volatile investment that needs to secure your comfortable at own risk before buying ether which is to make sure have a well portfolio designed and only invest money that you can afford to loses.


Ethereum is a open sources of computing platforms for operating system, it has its own Cryptocurrency called ether, it also connected to a big projects around micro-softs partnerships.

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