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Pixel Buds Excellent 1 of google

Pixel Buds of google are mostly known now a days for all of us are very found of listening to music in our daily day to day life to make our self clam and comfortable in stress situations. We are living in a world of life that have very much of multi tasking and the pixel buds of google are the best for going multi task by google assistance present in our phones. All people has very much interest in buds to use and they gets attached to them in ways of not leaving.

Pixel Buds of google New

The google pixel Buds are best for playing a song, setting alarms, helps in making new tasks with google assistant and pixel buds are very much comfortable safe. It provides high quality of sound which makes you to attend calls and very long life time battery. Google pixel buds are best for you daily activities for your life.

Pixel Buds

It is a best company for you in traveling to a place you can easily fit pixel buds in you ears to listen music with a great quality of bass.
you can use it in all places while working out or resultants. It has the sound adapts technology and adjust in all situations where you go. It has a clear calls response only you have to to touch on buds for attending a call and also for playing games of high audios.

Pixel Buds

It is available in four variants of colors one is light green, white, black and orange. The language translate is best of all which gives you the exact meaning in your preferred languages that you known.

you can listen good sounds to feel like you are present at that place which makes you to feel and senses real. The hands free google assistant help you to make any commands which are said by you and makes it to work really perfect. pixel buds are easy to connect with your phone by opening buds box you will get a pop up notification on you phone to connect with your phone to pixel buds.

Pixel Buds

Comfortably Secure For Ears

The pixel buds are design in very perfect way to fix in thousands of people ears. it has low profile look that sits flush in your ears.
The stabilizer are gently tuck in you ear for good sound quality with inter changeable of ear tips. So, pixel buds are fitted securely and comfortable in you ears to use easily while doing any works.

Pixel Buds

Great Sound Quality

Pixel buds has best hybrid design to keep aware of world around you and delivers good sound. Its ear tips gently seals your ears from isolated loud sounds of outside and delivers great high quality of audios. Pixel buds has a special adaptive sound feature which automatically adjusts volume of ear buds as you move from a quiet place to a noisy environment. So, you don’t have to raise or lower volume constantly.

Pixel Buds

Crystal Clear Calls

If you have to attend calls no need to worry about your voice sound at all because it has two microphones in each earbud which are placed to focus on sound of your voice when outside. pixel buds have a voice accelerometer to detect sound of your voice through vibrations of your jawbone to talk and heard every sound while in outside conditions like running or biking.

Pixel Buds

Works In All Places

Pixel buds also has hands free access to google assistant. You just have to say ” hey google” to ask google assistant what ever you need. Quick response of playing songs, sending quick text and translating foreign languages in to your own or specified language.

Long Range Bluetooth

Bluetooth of long range connections for use. pixel buds has long Bluetooth range works even when your phone is not your side. It always stays connected in a long range of outsides. Its easily pairs with Bluetooth 4.0 plus laptops, tablets, OS and other devices in a just of single tap.

Other Features

  • Pixel buds automatically detects when they are present in your ears. Each earbuds has touch controls just tap to play or pause and swipe to adjust volumes.
  • Its gets a 5 hours of listening time on a single pin charge.
  • Up to 24 hours with wireless charging case.
  • Swear and water resistant.
  • You can track your last location of pixel buds through your phone and you can find it with in no time.

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