Tinder App

Tinder App best no-1 features how to use it ?

Tinder is a match making social media app. To use Tinder App first you have to install the Tinder App to create a account. You can install it by going in to your goggle play store  and search for Tinder App.

Tinder App Installation.

The first one was the app your are searching for and click install on your right below the logo of app. It is available in IOS and Android systems. After installing the app find it in your phone for sign up. App is identified with a white flame icon on it.

Tinder App

Now open the app and procced next showing options for login by FB or with a phone number. You should have a Facebook app which an active Facebook account to create a Tinder account.

Tinder App

Then Tinder will receive you Facebook public profile, friend list , relationship interests, birthday, work history, education history, photos, likes and email address. Tap ok to allow tinder to access all your Facebook information.

Tinder asks for to continue, let your device to turn on location, which uses googles location service then click allow for tinder to turn on location services for Tinder App.

You can also set notifications for new matches , messages, messages liked, super likes. If you don’t want to get notified simply disable notifications then your tinder profile will be created by using Facebook.

Tinder App is free to use and you can buy tinder gold later if you want it for some other features.

Tinder App Interface.

Firstly you will see a image in middle of page  which is a profile of another tinder user nearby you. Below the picture your get to see few options to like , dislike, boost, super like and undo.

Tinder App

To messages conversations with your matches click speech icon on top right corner of screen. It is a first dating app has switch tinder to social mode. To look your profile you have to go to the person shaped icon on top left corner of screen

Settings Manager.

To change any settings you need to click gear shaped icon on profile screen. It also has discovery settings for swiping current location and showing gender for your profile. You can edit your notifications settings ,view privacy policy and log out or tinder from menu. It also has edit information option on bottom right of your profile picture.

Tinder App

Edit profile through tap and drag on a photo onto large photo tile to replace primary profile photo. Simply tap on X in bottom right corner of a photo to delete from tinder. Also tap on + bottom right corner of photo box to upload a photo from your phone or FB.

You can also write about you self in profile description. Then tap done on top of screen and flame icon to return to your main Tinder page.


Tinder App is a match making social connections b/w two people who are not familiar which each others. You can find this app in google play store for usages. Its has all features which are you need and safe secure. You can get all details of other with perfect match to know each others and continue if all works good for each others.

It is a free app for dating to connect with new people. The app has all you information while login to app from Facebook details. You can write about your self in profile to share about yourself with others and knowing you better by reading your profile details.

The app has photos, contact, message and other features to get in touch with people of your matches. It is very handy to use and risk free for dating a new person of your choice and other.


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